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Our Story

Hi there, we're FeatureBoard 👋 we're currently a family (more specifically brotherly) run company based in Perth, Australia.

Jake and I have both been in the tech industry for over 25 years combined. Over those years we've both dealt with feature toggling software that has caused more headaches than their pricetag. Cumbersome and bloated tooling that is fumbling with legacy code.

We understand what companies expect in their software and tools to safely launch and grow products without worry... because we've lived it.

And that is why we've gone down the path of creating FeatureBoard. We selfishly wanted better tools to help us launch and maintain both our day-to-day work products as well as our side projects.

The Team

We've led and delivered high quality products not just in Australia but all over the world ranging from startups to companies like Microsoft, Nokia and Seven West Media.

A better way to send money.

Jake Ginnivan

Co-Founder and Development


Corey Ginnivan

Co-Founder and Design