FeatureBoard FeatureBoard

Feature toggling without the hassle.

Simple, lightweight and easy-to-use feature toggling for SaaS teams.

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A better way to send money.

Built for the whole team

Created by a team of software devs/designers who understand how important it is to empower everyone on your team.

All in one place

Feature flag configuration is shared across all environments, reducing maintainance and mistakes.

Toggle without the cost

Target audiences with different values while keeping your CDN hit ratios high.

Feature Flags Reimagined

We've been using feature toggles to manage our software for years, but the solutions never felt right. We have taken a fresh look at the problem to create an experience which anyone in your business can use, not just developers.

Group your users or customer base in to different Audiences that are important to your product or business. Plans, roles, membership types, trial users, anything you want to target.
Environment Availability
Independently enable or disable features across all your environments in one place. Seperate how a feature behaves for your users and when it becomes available to them.
Feature Categories
Easily categorize your features based on their function.
Paid Feature
Plan Limit
+ Anything You Want
CDN Friendly
We take Content Delivery Networks into account by design. FeatureBoard works with any JAMStack site additionally to everything you expect.
Feature Health Coming Soon
Streamline your codebase by setting feature health tracking of when they should be reassessed or deleted.
A/B Testing Coming Soon
Allow a percentage of users to access a feature, with the option of rolling it out to more over time.